Unique piece of art - 3 dimentional made out of recycled tins with combination of cardboard , plastic etc to show the township of Chitungwiza which is in Harare ,Zimbabwe .The Township of Chitungwiza is in the province of Harare and is the largest Township with over 340 000 people .The painting is showing how the house are made with the material used on the painting as well the arrangement of the houses ,distribution of electricity .The painting is showing the social life of Zimbabweans in the township . On the painting it is showing a borehole which people use to access water supply as the government now fail to provide adequate water supply into the homes. The painting was made by Nathan during his visit in Chitungwiza his home. Size -1m*1.2m Weght -10kg Email bryantmarumba@gmail.com mentioning this page to discuss the possible purchase. Payment via PAYPAL (invoice will be sent to you once you have selected) SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE 10% COST TO SHIPPING SOUTH AFRICA 30% COST TO OVERSEAS


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Chitungwiza Township (Zimbabwe)


Chitungwiza – known colloquially as Chi Town – is a high-density dormitory town in Zimbabwe. It is approximately 30 kilometres south-east of the Harare city centre

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Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) is a parastatal company in Zimbabwe, which operates for urban and long-distance bus routes.

Collecting water from the public borehole in the township